General Conditions 

The internet website Alto Piemonte - i vini del nord Piemonte at belongs to AltoPiemonte di Reino Gian Franco, headquartered in Italy, Caltignaga (No) via Roma, 21


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Access and registration on the website confers respect and acceptation of the Privacy and Cookie Policy outlined below. You are encouraged the read the contents.

AltoPiemonte respects the privacy of the users of its service and ensures that the data collected respects the Italian law  D.Lgs. numero 196/03 which can be consulted in Italian here:

as well as the strict European Regulation (EU) 2016/679  controlling data privacy in English here:


Services offered by the website 

On the website of Alto Piemonte - i vini del nord Piemonte, users can access information regarding oenological gastronomy and make purchases.

Ownership and Responsibility for Data Control

The owner and individual responsible for data collected on this website is AltoPiemonte di Reino Gian Franco, headquartered in Italy, Caltignaga (No) via Roma, 21. He reserves the right to utilise third parties for specific data purposes exclusively for commercial ends.

Data Location 

User data will be kept by AltoPiemonte, for commercial purposes and/or maintenance. The data may be used in its entirety or partially with third party website hosting firms. These firms may have access and be responsible for the data in relation to AltoPiemonte.

Types of Data 

• Navigation data: the computer systems and software used for the website will acquire data in the normal functioning of the website. This is implicit in the functioning of the website. Data collection is not done to identify users but users may be identifiable from the general nature of data collected by us or third parties. Navigation data may include: IP addresses, computer names and domain names, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)  for requested addresses, date and time requested, the method used for the requests, the server response and other computer parameters. This data is solely used for anonymous statistics and for ensuring that the website functions properly. This data is destroyed immediately after use except in the hypothetical case of abuse of and/or damage to the site.

• Data furnished voluntary from user: data sent which is explicit or voluntary, data submitted on the website or via email which is necessary to respond to requests, sales as well as data outlined in this agreement.

AltoPiemonte does not collect information which the user has not directly nor voluntarily furnished. Personal data as furnished will be collected and archived in the scope of recognising the user during the login phase, to provide the user with services requested, to send purchased goods, to provide information requested as well as for alerting the user of special offers and exclusive marketing campaigns. 


Cookies consist of registration information sent from server to local user computer for user identification upon future website visits. Cookies contribute to the analysis of traffic on the site and permit the website to send tailored information to individual users. Cookies will not be used to transmit personal information. No persistent user session “c.d.” cookies are used for tracking individuals. No personal data is collected which may be open to potential prejudicial nature. At any moment users can delete cookies on her/his system depending on the browser used. 

Ways of Manipulating Data 

Data may be manipulated by automatic instruments and/or manually only insomuch as strict privacy laws permit us. In addition, specific measures are taken to prevent data loss, illicit data use and unauthorised access. 

Links to Other Sites

This Privacy Policy refers exclusively to this website. Our site contains links to third party websites on which AltoPiemonte exercises no control. As such AltoPiemonte will not be held responsible in any way for the treatment of data on those third party websites nor data furnished to them during navigation there. 

Option to not Transmint Data

Apart from navigation data, users are free to not furnish personal data for services. However; lacking data it will be impossible for us to respond to services requested.

Communication of Data to Third Parties 

Data may be communicated to firms associated with AltoPiemonte, external consultancy firms, or third parties working with AltoPiemonte for the operation/maintenance of the website and/or for furnishing website services. 

Regulations (art. 7 del d.Lgs. 196/03)

Subjects of data collection have the right at any time to obtain the confirmation or denial of the existence of data and to know their contents and origin to verify the exactness of the data and to ask for rectification of it. In reference to article 7 del D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 the interested has the right to ask for its deletion, anonymization or blocking of data is violation of the law, as well as opposing all legitimate collection of data. Requests should be sent via email to

Privacy Policy Updates

AltoPiemonte reserves the right to modify this policy. The user will keep herself/himself informed by periodically visiting these pages to note any modifications.