D.O.C. Boca recognized in 1969. 

VINE: “Boca” and “Boca Riserva” are from Nebbiolo (locally called Spanna): 70% - 90%; Vespolina and Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese): alone or in conjunction: 10% up to 30%. 

PRODUCTION AREA: Boca, parts of Maggiora, Cavallirio, Prato Sesia and Grignasco. (Novara). 

TERRAIN: Boca owes its quality and complexity to the TERRAIN, principally composed of volcanic rock and pink porphyry.


Colour: ruby red with garnet highlights, tending towards orange as it ages.

Fragrance: elegant, refined, complex, Sicilian red orange zest, black peppercorn, violet.

Taste: dry, savoury, balanced, perfect tannin.

Aging: “Boca” months 34 of which 18 in wood - “Boca riserva" months 46 of which 24 in wood. 

Pair with: risotto with porcini mushroom, ravioli with traditional white (non-tomato) sauce, Boca-braised meat. Medium-aged cheese, preferably of cow milk.


La D.O.C.G. Gattinara recognised in 1990.

VINE: Nebbiolo (locally called Spanna) dal 90% al 100%, the remaining 10% of Vespolina (max 4%) and Uva Rara (also called Bonarda di Gattinara).

PRODUCTION AREA: Gattinara (Vercelli).

TERRAIN: compact area composed prevalently of porphyry. 


-Colour: garnet with orange highlights which become more evident with age.

-Fragrance: refined, intense, spicy with hints of violet and red fruit, outflowing of minerals and balsamic.

-Taste: dry, fresh with a spicy finish and perfect tannin.

-Aging: for Gattinara a minimum 35 months of which 24 in wood. Gattinara Riserva 47 months of which 36 in wood.

-Pair with: risotto with meat broth, braised red meat and wild game, aged cheese with a defined exterior.


La D.O.C.G. Ghemme recognised in 1997.

VINE: Nebbiolo (called Spanna) minimum 85%, the remaining 15% can be Uva Rara and/or Vespolina.

PRODUCTION AREA: Ghemme, Romagnano Sesia (Novara).

TERRAIN: hills formed of glacial fluvial deposits with varied composition, rich in minerals characteristic of wine with notable savouriness.


-Colour: ruby red with highlights garnet.

-Fragrance: refined e intense with hints fruit, spice e flowers.

-Taste: dry and savoury with a pleasingly bitter finish. 

-Aging: 34 months of which 18 in wood. For "Riserva" 46 months, 24 of which in wood. Both with an additional 6 months in bottle.

-Pair with: risotto or pasta with meat sauce, braised meat e in “salmì”, wild game, and aged cheese.


D.O.C. Bramaterra recognised in 1979

VINE: Nebbiolo (Spanna) 50 - 80%, Croatina up to 30%, Uva Rara and/or Vespolina up to 20%.

PRODUCTION AREA: Brusnengo, Curino, Masserano, Sostegno, Villa del Bosco (Biella); Lozzolo and Roasio (Vercelli).

TERRAIN: volcanic rock derived from the Supervolcano del Sesia, marine sands and calcium rock unique to the area.


-Colour: red garnet with highlights orange more evident with aging.

-Fragrance: intense with hints spice and flowers, wild fruit with an outflowing of minerals.

-Taste: structured, fresh with good tannin.

-Aging: 22 months, of which 18 in wood. Riserva, 34 months, of which 24 in wood.

-Pairs with: immensely appreciated with firsts, especially risotto, white meat.


D.O.C. recognised in 1994 and comprised of red, rosé, white.

VINE: Colline Novaresi without specifying the vine is red or rosé, derived from at least 50% Nebbiolo whilst the white is 100% di Uva "Erbaluce" Greco Novarese.

The “Colline Novaresi” DOC is reserved for wines obtained from at least 85% of the vines mentioned. The vines which can be used are some Nebbiolo (Spanna), Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese), Barbera, Vespolina and Croatina.

 PRODUCTION AREA: between the rivers Sesia and Ticino in the Novara province.

TERRAIN: flood plains, clay in some areas, and loose in others. This provides a variety of characteristics which are accentuated depending on the variety of vine.

CHARACTERISTICS: varied depending on the vine. 

-Colour: varied from white straw to diverse shades of red: rosé to ruby red and additional garnet with aging. 

-Fragrance: pleasing hints of fruit and flowers with spicy and mineral fragrance which is pronounced in the reds.

-Taste: hints of freshness and fruit, savouriness with a pleasing almond aftertaste.

-Aging: not dictated by DOC.

-Pair with: a wide variety of products from pasta, antipasto, firsts, cheese, meat.


D.O.C. Coste della Sesia recognised in 1996.

VINE: the "Coste della Sesia" denomination without specifying the vine is red or rosé with at least il 50% Nebbiolo, for the whites 100% Uve Erbaluce (also called Greco Novarese).

The "Coste della Sesia" denomination is 85% of named vines: Nebbiolo (Spanna), Croatina and Vespolina.

PRODUCTION AREA: Provinces of Biella and Vercelli between Dora Baltea and the Sesia rivers.

TERRAIN: immensely varied by climate and composition. Principally of clay, sand, garnet, porphyry.

CHARACTERISTICS: varied depending on the grape used.

-Colour: varies from white straw through various shades of rosé to the red garnet of Nebbiolo.

-Fragrance: refined and delicate with hints spice, flowers and fruit depending on the variety.

-Taste: characteristics in common are freshness, savouriness, good balance and pleasure.

-Aging: not dictated by DOC. 

-Pair with: diversity of products provide perfect pairing for all meals from antipasto to firsts of cheese or meat.


D.O.C. Fara recognised in 1969.

VINE: 50% - 70% Nebbiolo (Spanna), maximum of 50% Vespolina and/or Uva Rara, 10% other grapes cultivated in Piemonte.

PRODUCTION AREA:   Fara Novarese and Briona (Novara).

TERRAIN: clay soil with glacial deposits of gravel, shale.


-Colour: ruby red.

-Fragrance: refined with delicate hints of flowers.

-Taste: dry and savoury.

-Aging: Fara - 22 months of which 12 in wood. Fara Riserva - 34 months of which 20 in wood.

 -Pair with: braised meat or grilled pork. Aged cheese.


D.O.C. recognised in 1976.

VINE: Nebbiolo (Spanna) minimum of 85%; Vespolina and/or Uva Rara maximum of 15%.

PRODUCTION AREA:   Lessona (Biella).

TERRAIN: marine or porphyry sediment with rich mineral character of iron, potassium, magnesium.


-Colour: red garnet with orange highlights with aging.

-Fragrance: elegant with hints of violet flowers. Citrus zest, red fruit, fine spice especially black peppercorn.

-Taste: refined, fair tannin, good savouriness.

-Aging: 22 months 12 of which in wood. Lessona Riserva - 46 months of which 30 in wood.

-Pair with: risotto, boiled meats, aged cheese.


D.O.C. Sizzano recognised in 1969.

VINE: Nebbiolo (Spanna) 50% - 70%; Vespolina and/or Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese) 30 - 50%, 10% other grapes cultivated in Piemonte. 

PRODUCTION AREA:  Sizzano (Novara).

TERRAIN: clay soil with glacial deposits of gravel and shale.


-Colour: ruby red with garnet highlights.

-Fragrance: refined, with violet hints. Fragrant spice, cocoa, black fruit, marmalade.

-Taste: pleasingly fresh and savoury. Fair tannin with good structure. 

-Aging: 22 months of which 16 in wood, Sizzano Riserva - 34 months of which 24 in wood.

-Pair with: donkey stew, nice roasted meat, aged cheese.


D.O.C. Valli Ossolane recognised in 2009.

VINE: “Valli Ossolane Bianco» - at least 60% Chardonnay, maximum 40% white from Piemonte.

“Valli Ossolane Rosso” – at least 60% Nebbiolo, Croatina, Merlot either alone or together, maximum 40% red from Piemonte.

"Valli Ossolane Nebbiolo" o "Valli Ossolane Nebbiolo Riserva" – at least 85% Nebbiolo, 15% red from Piemonte.

PRODUCTION AREA:   Beura, Cardezza, Bognanco, Crevoladossola, Crodo, Domodossola, Masera, Montecrestese, Montescheno, Pallanzeno, Piedimulera, Pieve Vergonte, Premosello, Ornavasso, Trontano, Viganella, Villadossola, Vogogna (Verbano Cusio Ossola).

TERRAIN: moraine soil, loose, optimal for drainage.


-Colour: ruby red with garnet highlights.

-Fragrance: red fruit, black peppercorn, mineral fragrance and hints of balsamic.

-Taste: dry and balanced.

-Aging: 13 months, 6 of which in wood.

-Pair with: firsts based on meat, medium aged cheese, white meat.

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