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AltoPiemonte point accrual

Collect points for your future purchases on

How does it work?

You earn 1 point for every euro spent. The points that will be accumulated by purchasing each wine are shown in the product page.
In addition to the price expressed in euros there is a price expressed in Alto Piemonte Points. Price  also shown in the product page. 
The price in Alto Piemonte Points is based on the price range of the wine:

  • Wine from 10 to 19 euros = 700 Points
  • Wine from 20 to 29 euros = 800 Points
  • Wine from 30 to 39 euros = 900 Points
And so on...

The customer will be notified once the minimum threshold of 700 points has been reached. Once the customer is notified one can choose whether to have the first bottle for FREE or to continue collecting points.

Note: The points balance will not be visible until the first threshold of 700 points is reached.

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