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Altopiemonte Experience

Wine hiking routes – The great wines of Alto Piemonte

Discovery Valsesia suggests some wine hikes to discover the great Nebbiolo grape wines of Alto Piemonte and the deep connection with the terroir from which they get their greatness.
Wine is the result of a complex process that weaves wine knowledge and wine culture to its land, synthesizing in its scents the climate, the soil and the environment.
During these routes you could breathe the same air, smell the same perfumes, trample the same earth, feeling the same sensations that you will find during the wine tasting, surprising yourself how wine holds in its essence a unique experience.

The proposed routes will allow you to deepen your knowledge of viticulture and at the same time discover its link with the territory through touristnaturalistic and cultural itineraries. During the excursion we will visit wineries, vineyards, cellars, natural parks, geoparks, monuments of great historical and symbolic interest, historic centers and museums.
The itineraries do not require any particular physical preparation and have been structured in such a way that they can be traveled entirely on foot, in one-way mode with subsequent recovery of the vehicle, or for single stages, by car. Some itineraries can also be covered by mountain bike.
The degree of depth of the different themes is modulated according to the preparation and the degree of interest of the visitors and the itineraries are therefore suitable for all wine lovers, not necessarily experts.

From the vineyard to the glass
Starting from a quiet walk in the vineyard, passing through the sparkling harvest, learning the winemaking techniques, visiting the silent cellars until tasting an excellent glass, you will discover the landscape and the environment of the vineyards, characterized by its peculiar climate and natural context, the evolution of winemaking techniques, the wine economy and the importance for the development of this territory.


For each denomination, itineraries of different length and duration have been developed, specifically designed to make the most of the places crossed based on the time available. The routes are shown in maps that can be used through the Google Maps smartphone application. In this way you can find your position on the map, follow the itineraries in real time and consult the points of interest along the route with the related information. In order to make the excursion even more usable and easier, in addition to the track, all the wineries based in the denomination and the main points of interest, such as museums, monuments, churches, panoramic points, naturalistic and geological features, restaurants, accommodation facilities and parking lots are listed. In some cases, the vineyards and additional geographical mentions are also reported.


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